Anthony is a consultancy focused on two aspects of Agile software engineering:

Guide individual and collective understanding of Agile principles and practices to predictably deliver high quality software

Implement or refine effective software engineering processes so that the team and organization will realize optimal value from the software development lifecycle

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Volvo Global

Tony consistently demonstrates enthusiasm and professionalism when directing technology teams. His attention to detail and team accountability keeps projects moving forward. 

Melanie D.

 Leadership, technical skills and business acumen. He built the core framework for the technology team which is used daily for project work. Tony's management style was keen on the team members being independent and self-reliant, giving room for individual growth and still maintain an open door policy in which to freely seek advice without judgement. 

Mitchell S.

Tony is a fantastic developer with top notch skills. He was the architect for the firm’s framework that converted complex workflows into easy to use and expandable services enabling the firm to scale.

Edward N.