Why Do We Love and Hate Agile at the same time? 

 February 2, 2022

By  Anthony Amos

The question is: Why do we love and hate micromanaging at the same time?

Can we really love and hate something at the same time?”

Tony Amos

Can we really love and hate something at the same time? Maybe, but I see the everyday conflicts around Agile principles caused by the lovers and haters. Agile lovers tend to appreciate Agile’s potential. Those who have worked in true agile organizations have seen the benefits firsthand. Sadly, most organizations in the US take shortcuts by “implementing” Agile rather than becoming Agile. These organizations are not Agile and are not likely to ever realize its benefits; however, they will contribute to a hearty crop of haters.

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Anthony Amos

Anthony started creating software in 1981 when he curiously picked up the programming manual for a Wang OIS Word Processor while deployed with the US Navy. He had never seen a computer before, but he taught himself how to write programs that made his Navy work easier and more accurate.
After his honorable discharge in 1986, he began creating financial and analytical software for diverse organizations including Verizon Wireless, JP Morgan Asset Management, GoldenTree Asset Management, NASDAQ, Prudential Insurance, AT&T Capital Corporation, Lehman Brothers, Ernst & Young, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Demonstrating his commitment to the principles and values of Agile Software Engineering, Anthony is a recognized SAFe® version 5 Program Consultant and holds many of the most challenging and difficult to attain Agile certifications. His practice is grounded in Agile Frameworks as he leads clients to implement Scrum, Kanban, Scrum with Kanban, Scaled Scrum with Nexus, and Scaled Agile Framework. He believes in using the framework that best fits the organization's cultural and business direction while maintaining disciplined processes.

Tony Amos

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